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Passion for Supercars. The garages transformed an exclusive relax area.

The garage becomes eccentric, elitist and futuristic. The house incorporates it. The garage is an intimate, rational and intelligent relax area. It's a sort of luxury oasis dedicated exclusively to passions and private moments.

Un garage di lusso con un area relax al suo interno
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It is absolutely wrong to think that the garage is reserved exclusively for your car. You can take inspiration from the dream boxes. In fact, it is also possible to insert a comfortable corner bar where you can sip a drink and talk about for example the latest news in the field of engines.
If you are more reserved, you can create a relaxation area equipped with all comforts. You could opt for leather sofas, a surround sound system, a wine cellar. This way you will surely feel pleasant and comfortable in the garage that you've always wanted.

Un garage trasformato in un bar

There are several ways to transform a garage into a pleasant place, without losing the true essence of the garage. In fact, the garage is characterized by the car or motorbike parked inside. The best method is to start with the passion you have for the world of motors.The car and the motorbike are at the center of the new furnishing idea. These elements help to create the right environment in which to spend free time in total relaxation.

In the following examples, the passion for engines and the taste for furniture create the right mix to make the garage a pleasant and livable place. The garage is a space where you can you have to really feel at home, it's a place that speaks of Lifestyle.

Un salottino all'interno di un garageUn salottino all'interno di un garage

In these two photos you can see the difference in furnishing needs, despite the common idea of furnishing the garage starting from the car. In the first case we see a "soft" environment with the rounded and elegant lines of the Maserati car; in the second photo, however, you can see the much more linear style. Here the furniture fits perfectly with the decisive and linear shapes of the parked car. The red color of a single chair is enough to bring out the car. There is a great balance of furnishings and a bespoke personalized relaxation area.


Un garage arredato con due auto espositive

Also in this case the furnishing need depends on the two cars. But this time the cars are "souvenirs". The car becomes even more a design object when it performs the sole function of display. The colors of the furniture reflect the colors of the two Supercars.


Un angolo bar all'interno di un garage

The owner of this garage has created a space used as a corner bar in his garage. The reason for this garage is the unbridled passion for engines, in particular for Harley Davidson, and the desire to recreate inside the house what is almost impossible to find outside. A unique garage to show to friends and to be the envy of all fans of the sector.


Un garage arredato grazie alla passione per le auto

The need for the furnishings and the colors of this garage follow, as in the previous photo, the passion for engines, this time for Ferrari. Red and yellow strongly resume the concept of personalization based on tastes, but also on design.


Il garage del film Iron Man

Finally, it's the movies that inspire us. Everyone wants to have a bunker, where we can put our luxury car at the center of attention. Tony Stark's workspace is every man's dream. In addition to the million-dollar car collection, this superhero's space is filled with all sorts of cutting-edge technology, both real and imagined.


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