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Car in the living room. Incredible luxury garages in the world.

The garage intended as a rational and intelligent space perfectly integrated inside (or outside) your home. A place dedicated exclusively to passions and to park your car or motorbike. Garages are more than just garages and thus offer the opportunity to create a unique world, a luxury and elitist space. Here are some examples of what some enthusiasts have managed to achieve. Incredible garages.

Un garage sotto ad una piscina

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The idea of the Supercars in the living room

In China and Japan, someone has decided to park their luxury car in their living room, to admire it and make it an integral part of the design furniture. The result is extremely elegant and unique.

A metal platform elevates the car directly to the center of the living room, making it accessible to anyone who would like to get on it and simply look at the interior in the company of friends.

Un'automobile in salotto


This photo of the saloto is emblematic. The Smart TV has been replaced by a classic car. Whoever sits on the sofa can silently contemplate the aerodynamic lines and imagine driving this splendid Ferrari.

Una Ferrari in salotto


The Sky Garage in Singapore

The definition of garage has changed over time.(From the private workshop to the luxury garage, the garage between innovation and lifestyle). Very often the contaminations of fashion and design spread in every area, always maintaining a standard. In Singapore, the new trend is to park your car in the living room. Those who live in one of the 54 luxury apartments or in the two super-attics of the skyscraper located at number 37 of Scotts Road, can admire their Supercar from the comfort of their own armchair. Even better if friends admire the car. Modern or vintage cars, signed by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley become part of the furniture thanks to sophisticated crystal hoists. With these elevators the cars are carried directly to the floor, in special transparent rooms.

Lo Sky Garage di Singapore

The only negative thing about the Sky Garage is the impossibility of accessing the cars which, in fact, are closed in glass cases as if they were works of art. The homeowners drive the car into the garage and park it on a mobile metal platform. Then, once they get out of the car, they enter a secret code and press the start button. The car is automatically moved into one of the structure's two glass elevators and is raised to the desired floor, then deposited in the Sky Garage.
At this point, the car is jealously guarded in the house and is ready to be admired as a design object.

"The idea of parking the car in the sky is linked to the concept of making the beloved car part of one's daily life, even at home. The car is transformed into a piece of furniture, which can be observed pleased a work of art" explains Calvin Sim Chen-Min, director of the Singapore Sky Garage project.


The boxes of the Sultan of Brunei

The Sultan of Brunei is the owner of the largest car collection in the world. He owns more than 6000 luxury cars, including 500 Rolls-Royces purchased in the 1990s (these are half of the car produced in those years, making him the brand's largest collector). Among others, it boasts the best models of Ferrari, Bentley, Jaguar, Aston Martin and Lamborghini.

Where can he hide more than six thousand expensive cars? nIn the photo below you can see one of the nine hangars, which multi-billionaire Hassanal Bolkiah bought to store his car park. The good Sultan has divided each hangar by brand, numbering each car and creating a sort of museum that can be visited.

La collezione d'auto del Sultano del Brunei

Let's get back to us. If this article has given you the right idea to start furnishing your garage, our interior designer team is ready to design a unique box!


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