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From private workshop to luxury garage. The garage between innovation and lifestyle

Usually the garage becomes the place you put the objects that you do not use. Over time the garage becomes a mountain of unused and dusty tools. In order to make the garage a practical and easily accessible place, it is necessary to organize the space in the best possible way. In this article we make a list of alternative methods to transform the garage into a garage with an innovative design.

L'interno arredato di un garage innovativo e futuristico

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You can have incredible solutions that change the concept of garage. The garage is a place to live with large luxurious and elitist spaces almost difficult to imagine.

Un garage arredato ordinatamente


10 amazing examples to furnish your garage

Garages with collections of dusty vintage cars and motorcycles inside are not good. Luxury drawers and luxury kitchens have replaced the old ramshackle shelves. A new frontier of luxury has been born to reproduce at home the box of the most famous stables and icons of the motor world.

Un garage di lusso arredato con 3D Beta


The useful and beautiful thing is to make the garage a liveable space, where in addition to parking the car, you can spend time with friends to study, to do sports and even to sleep!!! An authentic mini-apartment to be exploited in various occasions and to create an intimate and hidden relax area. The automation systems for windows and lighting are controlled remotely through the smartphone. So you can find the garage open and illuminated when you return to your home in poor visibility.

To give you an idea of your future garage, find below some examples of garages furnished in different ways..


1) A small furnished car box

Un piccolo box auto arredato in modo ordinato

In case you have only a small garage and you need to store your car inside, the organization of the perimeter spaces is fundamental. The most common method is the arrangement of drawer units or supports to hang the most bulky objects on the wall.


2) The gym

Una piccola palestra in un garage

The garage is the ideal place where you can get away from worldly life. Many athletes use it as a space where they can train and let off steam after a hard day.


3) The games room

Una sala giochi in un garage

When the garage has a good size, you can use the space for activity in free time. Videogames and gaming tables create the right atmosphere for a dinner or a party with friends.


4) The loft

Un soppalco all'interno di un garage

 If your garage develops more in height, the most common solution is the loft, which can become a studio, small bedroom or closet.


5) The laundry room

Una lavanderia in un garage

The garage can become a useful space in which to create a laundry corner to make the best use of space


6) The tavern

Un garage arredato con lo stile di una taverna

For lovers of rustic style, the tavern is the most common dream. It's a place where the scent of wood is the master.


7) The kitchen

Una cucina arredata in garage

In recent years the idea of furnishing the garage with a kitchen has developed. If your home has limited spaces, but a large garage, you can be used it to create an area to share with friends and family. In this case a larger and more luxurious kitchen is the right solution for a minimalist but quality furniture.


8)The small living room

Un salotto in garage

Sometimes the garage becomes an abandoned place. All you need is a sofa, an armchair and a small piece of furniture to make the small living room hospitable. The garage becomes a place where you can read a book in silence or drink tea with friends, a common custom in the UK.


9) The laboratory

Un'officina nel garage

For motor fans there must be a workshop in the garage. The garage can also be a space where you can try your hand as a mechanic or where we can take care of our car.


10) The sky garage

Uno Sky Garage su un grattacielo di Melbourne

Some luxury homes (in Dubai, Melbourne or Singapore) have the "sky garage", which is an elevator that brings cars directly inside the apartment. You can admire the cars comfortably seated on a sofa. The garage becomes an integral part of the furnishings of a home.




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